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The Cybersecurity Landscape is Evolving

Are You Keeping Up?


Only 14% of small businesses have a cybersecurity plan in place.


Small businesses are the target of 43% of cyber attacks annually.

While many MSPs provide cybersecurity, not all solutions are created equal.

Here’s why Rotate stands out:

Rapid Deployment

Our platform deploys in just one minute, ensuring immediate protection without disrupting client operations.

Cost Effective

Reduce operational costs with our all-in-one platform—eliminate the need for multiple point solutions and lower your total cost of ownership.

Streamlined Management

Manage all client security postures from a single pane of glass, enhancing your operational efficiency and client response times.

With Rotate, both experienced and new MSPs can offer comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective cybersecurity solutions that meet the demands of today's threat landscape.

Together, we’ll stop hackers in their tracks.

Dozens of features.

360 degrees of protection.

Identity and Access Management
Air-tight response to identity threats, including MFA enforcement, immediate remediation and breach control.
Mail Security and Deliverability
AI-fueled vigilance against malware, phishing, BEC attacks, spam, ATO, and fraud. Features multiple threat response modes and seamless integrations with Gmail and Outlook accounts for an additional layer of protection.
Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Management
Comprehensive audits of external-facing assets to identify and remediate vulnerabilities.
Awareness and Training
Interactive cybersecurity coaching and phishing simulations. Turn employees into armed defenders against cyber threats. 
Endpoint Protection and Management
Protection against malware, ransomware, and other threats on all company devices. Full-fleet observability ensures compliance on all devices. 
Cyber Insurability
Help meeting cyber insurance requirements and getting better coverage terms.
Cloud Data Security
Protection for a rapidly-growing list of third party applications including Okta, Slack, Hubspot and many other SaaS platforms used by businesses today. 
All-around security in a singular platform

Multi-Tenancy Command Center
An intuitive MSP dashboard to manage security postures, implement settings, and stay ahead of threats from a single pane of glass.
Immediate Deployment Within Clients
Ongoing update of threats database.
Unlimited Clients
The freedom to scale your business without restrictions and add as many clients as you want.
Co-Branded Reports
Automatically generate detailed security assessments to wow prospective clients. 
Increased Margins
Competitive suite pricing to increase your profitability while offering world-class 360° security. 
Customizable Solutions
Flexible security features and training programs to meet the specific needs of your clients.
Dedicated Support
MSP-specific training and support to ensure your success. 
All-around security in a singular platform

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