Introducing Rotate

January 16, 2024


Ro'ee Margalit

Introducing Rotate

We are Rotate.

Let me tell you more about who we are and why we are here.

We are a team of passionate cybersecurity experts dedicated to shaping the future of work for modern businesses in the digital world.

We are all aware of the need for cybersecurity, or at least, to the risks of cyber attacks — as of business owners feel their business is vulnerable.

It is no surprise that hackers most commonly target small businesses, so it’s not a matter of if they’ll be targeted, but when. Yet, businesses often lack the cybersecurity personnel, expertise, and resources as larger enterprises, so we wanted to develop a solution that was tailor-made, accessible, and of the utmost quality, for everyone.

This is where Rotate comes in

After tirelessly testing, adjusting, and perfecting, we are happy to announce the launch of Rotate. 

Whether you are a company with little to no IT or a cyber-focused MSP managing thousands of users, we are here for you. We got you covered from the top attack vectors like ransomware, phishing, financial fraud, credential theft and BEC. But not only. Rotate protects your entire cloud landscape from third-party applications to the emails and files landing in the employees inboxes.

We value education and empower businesses to understand where they are vulnerable and how they can proactively protect themselves; while giving them the peace of mind that we are here every step of the way. We value comprehension and ease of use as much as we value protection to make sure it is intuitive and accessible. For everyone, at any technical level. 

With dozens of millions of businesses being attacked each year and the subsequent consequences, we became deeply aware of the need for true 360° protection, where cybersecurity and cyber insurance can work hand in hand, as they allow businesses safety, assurance, and continuity for a steady journey ahead.

We are Rotate and we are here for you. 

More exciting news to come,

Co-Founder and CEO.